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What Makes A Man Fall In Love And Commit (7 Key Characteristics Men Yearn For)

If you are looking for specific answers as to what makes a man fall in love and commit. You might be in for a surprise, because there isn’t a universal type of women all men desire. Society has trained us to believe that a man’s needs are quite shallow. Resulting in most women not understanding why their man does not want to further his commitment.

A man’s needs and wants are layered after getting past the visual stimulation. In other words you shouldn’t just rely on your looks to keep him interested. Creating a solid foundation in a man’s heart is offering him something that he cannot touch or feel.

This is called emotional stimulation. Now this all depends on the individual, because not all men and women love and feel the same way.
Emotional stimulation is directly associated with a man’s emotional triggers.

These triggers will encourage them to be emotionally vulnerable around you. Resulting in him building trust and connections with you deeper than physical ones. Deep emotional connections are huge key signs a man is falling in love with a women.

Regardless if there isn’t a definite answer to get him to step up and commit. I will share with you 7 Emotionally Stimulating Characteristics that will help guide you to his heart.

1. Not Afraid Of Vulnerability

These days the majority of women are independent and have strong characteristics. Although this is an attractive and excellent trait to have, it can also back fire.

Resulting in a women completely closing herself off emotionally to not show weakness. If you take these traits too far, it will push him away from you. If a man cannot care for you, odds are he will leave you.

Being vulnerable is such a rare quality to have because there is a fear of rejection. However men cannot resist women who are honest with the way they feel. Allowing them permission to see what goes on around your head.
This is critical in terms of commitment.

It will allow a man to activate a subconscious trigger called the Hero Instinct. This instinct drives a man to protect and take care of his women’s vulnerability. Thus allowing him to invest more emotionally. Now I’m not saying you should become a damsel in distress and unload all your feelings. However a little vulnerability can take you a long way..

2. Properly Communicate Emotion

Being able to properly portray how you feel is a huge factor in a man’s attraction towards you. A women that knows how to accurately communicate her feelings, will bring him closer emotionally.

A women’s emotions has more power than you think. You can push a man away or draw him in closer than anyone has before. Be the women who does not cry when things don’t go her way or breakdown when a serious situation arises.

Try not to smother or cling to much because guys fall in love when they miss you. Learning how to balance these emotions and honestly communicate them is an art.

3. A Little Variety

Adding a little variety is not such a bad thing. This will add more dimensions to what a man finds attractive about you. I’m not saying to become someone you are not. However don’t be afraid to show him sides of yourself that you show friends and family.

For instance, some women front as sweet “yes” girls agreeing with everything a man is saying. Resulting in him becoming annoyed because he won’t truly know how you feel. Instead give him your honest opinion, even if it goes against his.

He will respect and grow to love you for it. The ideal women for a man is a combination of all attributes that lead to your true personality. In other words don’t hesitate to show him all the beautiful aspects of yourself.

4. Get Him To Commit By Pulling Away

It is perfectly fine to have separate social lives when you are in a committed relationship. Allowing yourself and your man to have experiences with friends apart from each other.

Be understanding and encourage him to spend time with his friends. He will not only appreciate it, but will also yearn to repay you with more of his time.

This ironic phenomenon is called Push & Pull. You need to give him space and he will come back to you. Thus getting him to commit because no other women has given him that type of freedom before.

You have to understand that men are just as complicated as women.
They want a girl that gives them the freedom to “Go out with the boys.”. However once they do, they will reward you in the form of appreciation and affection.

Resulting in more quality time or even incorporating you into his friends time. If you do this correctly and give him his desired “Me time.”. One of the telltale signs a man is falling in love with a women is when he decides to spend more time with you.

5. Being Independent

Now to much of a good thing can be bad. Further more being too independent can monumentally turn off a man. For example, women who argue with a man when he offers to pay for dinner.

A women who rejects him from opening the door for her, by telling him “I can do it myself.”. These actions are one of the most repulsive things to a man.

On the other hand if you sprinkle in aspects of this characteristic into the little things that you do. Such as offering to pay for yourself, but appreciating the gesture when he pays or helping him complete a task. Thus really making the effort to show him you are equally able to provide in the relationship. Rather than trying to compete with him.

6. Support And Appreciate His Goals

Showing an appreciation for his goals, is vital in a relationship. However there is a fine line between supporting him and stroking his ego. Let him know that you are impressed with his ambition and will be by his side.

This can done verbally or through action. Such as being there for him when there is an important event related to his goals. Displaying this type of support and appreciation will only make him love you more.

It will show him that you are a team worth committing to rather than a liability. As a rule, try to keep this appreciation natural and don’t over due it. Otherwise it will come off as patronizing.

7. Feed His Imagination

Being able to emotionally please a man, is completely different from physically pleasing him. As I said before a man is attracted to a women that is able to give him something he has never had.

You can do this by teasing him with Secret Fantasy Phrases. The phrases can make his mind run wild with anticipation and sexual tension. For example, “When you laid your hands on my leg the other day, a feeling of excitement rushed through me.”.

This will give a type of stimulation and desire that he has never had before. Surpassing any type of visual stimulation he has ever had.

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