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The Way You Hug Your Partner Says A Lot About Your Relationship

1. Deadlock

If you remember Ryan Gosling’s hug from The Notebook, you know what we’re talking about. This hug is typical when either of you is going through one of the worst moments and the other shows up like a ray of sunshine. This hug is also the type you experience after a separation. Apparently, distance does make the heart grow fonder.
What It Signifies: That your partner is extremely happy and reassured to see you at that moment. This could also imply that your partner is extremely expressive and would like to express physically rather than through words. However, a word of caution – a deadlock hug could also signify that the partner is scared of losing you and it is his or her way of reassuring themselves that you are still around. Have an honest chat with them about it to find out whether that’s the case and reassure them.

2. Hug Of The Upper Half

It feels as uncomfortable as it sounds! When your partner is reluctant to make full body contact through the hug, it’s time to have a chat.
What It Signifies: Mainly reluctance. But you do need to have a chat about why your partner is reluctant to hug you. Are they disappointed about something or are they uncomfortable expressing a hug in front of other people?

3. Legs Around The Waist

You lucky person, you! How fortunate you are to be greeted with such a hug.
What It Signifies: That you share an extremely passionate relationship and that neither of you has problems expressing how much you have missed each other. Enjoy the moment!

4. One Way Street

Unfortunately, some people just don’t return the hug. You hug with all the affection you have inside of you, and they just stand there at attention as though expecting to be called up for duty at any minute now.
What It Signifies: That he’s just not that into you! Although your partner may not be a hugger – how can someone not enjoy hugs? We hear you! – extreme reluctance to even accept your hug implies a deeper lack of necessity to hug you. Some can be taught; some have to be let go of.

5. Eye Contact During Hug

Oh, boy! Cue the love ballads of the 80s already! Remember the dances of your teens, when you would just stare into the eyes of your crush/boyfriend/girlfriend without even blinking while locking your foreheads too? Yeah, that’s the kind of hug we are talking about. This is probably the most intimate of hugs, where you are also speaking through your eyes about how much you love the other person.

6. Safe Hug

Where the other person pats your back out of gentle affection and tolerance.
What It Signifies: Not the most outwardly passionate relationship, but whatever floats your boat!

7. Bear Hug

Probably the best of its kind, where you don’t care who is watching or what they are thinking and saying about your hug.
What It Signifies: That your relationship is your own special world, and you don’t care who is watching. You want to seize the moment, and hug your partner until they are sure of how you feel. Do it more often is all that we would say!
Whether you want a celebratory hug or one that spells reassurance, a hug is an emotional action that can make or break your day. So, the next time you reach out to another person think about what kind of a hug you want to give them.

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