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The Difference between a Boyfriend and a Serious Boyfriend

The Difference between a Boyfriend and a Serious Boyfriend

  1. A regular boyfriend will know all the names of your friends but you should know that you have a serious boyfriend when he knows every secret of your friends and you fell extremely comfortable in telling him everything about your friends without worrying that he might tell anymore.
  2. A regular boyfriend will tell you about his schedule and will tell you what he is going to do throughout his entire day but a serious boyfriend will share all of his passwords with you. There won’t be secrets between the two of you.
  3. A regular boyfriend will plan next week’s date with you but a serious boyfriend will plan his entire future with you. For him, the centre point of his future is us and only you.
  4. A regular boyfriend knows your dreams and ambitions pretty well but a serious boyfriend knows about your flaws and he still accepts you and loves you with all of your flaws and that is known as true love.
  5. A regular boyfriend is not going to discuss issues with you, he will simple take the shortcut and ignore them but a serious boyfriend will talk to you about all the issues and he will try his best to resolve them.
  6. A regular boyfriend will not say ‘I love you’ first all the time because of his ego but for serious boyfriend it does not matter who said ‘I love you’ first. For his it’s all about expressing love.
  7. A regular boyfriend might get jealous of you when you get a job better than his but a serious boyfriend will never get jealous of your job, he is always going to be proud of you and will always support you no matter what but in fact he will tell you to do even better.

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