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How To Show A Guy That You Like Him Without Looking Desperate

For some women, it’s uncomfortable or hard to show a guy that you like him, right? If you are that girl reading this now and you like this guy so much, but you don’t know how to show him that you want him without looking desperate and easy.

Then here are 7 tips that will help you show him that you really like him without looking desperate and easy. Although these tips don’t apply to all guys, but they certainly apply to most of them. Try these techniques and see how much more fun the dating experience will go!

1. Make an effort to look nice

Take an extra effort to look nice, but still be yourself and be comfortable. Don’t try to look someone else just to impress him. Wear something nice and sexy when you around him if you are comfortable. And If you are comfortable with your body, show it but not too much skin. Leave some room for the imagination. Just don’t try too hard, keep it simple and sophisticated and he will start to notice you.

2. Use your body language

Show him that you like him using your body language. When you’re talking to him, make sure to make an eye contact with him and that will show that he means a lot to you. Try not to get distracted while talking to him. And don’t be distracted by keep checking your phone or looking around.

Here are some tips on how to use your body language:

  • Make eye contact and cross your legs
  • Biting your lips and smile slightly while talking to him
  • Play your hair slowly

3. Flirt  a little

Every guys likes to be flirted. So flirt a little, and don’t be afraid to tease him a little. Give your best and sweetest smile and make an eye contact. But don’t over think it and definitely don’t try too hard to do it. Just keep your actions simple, but enough to show him that you like him without looking too desperate.

4. Compliment him

Compliments is a fantastic way to let him know you like him. But don’t be too obvious. Just say something nice about him from the heart and don’t say things that sounds weird and awkward. If you think he is good at something like cooking, then let him know. If he is wearing something nice or you like his hair, let him know and just keep it simple.

5. Meaningful conversations

If you are on a first date, and you really like him. The best way to let him know that you like him is to make an effort and strike up a deep and meaningful conversations. He’ll get exited and appreciate the chance to know more about you. And ask questions that will help you know more about him too. You may find something you have in common, and that’s a good start. Having a conversation is great chance to know more and learn about each other.

6. Be yourself and have confidence

Wear your crown of confidence and be yourself and that’s an amazing way for him to notice you. Don’t be someone else, so if you really like this guy, you want him to notice you for being you and not trying to look like someone else.

Being confident doesn’t mean you have to brag about great your job is or how great or a perfect body you have. It’s about how comfortable you are by being yourself and that will radiate outwards and you will become a super magnet around him.

7. Be a little mysterious

Reveal yourself slowly and give a little room for curiosity. Don’t get too exited to tell all your life story and everything about you. Give him some excitement to know a more about you and he will want to spend more time with you.

Men loves the challenge, they don’t like it when the girl is too easy and so they tend to lose interest. So give a little room for excitement and curiosity by not revealing all yourself too fast.

Keep these 7 things in mind and he will start to notice that you like him. But don’t be feel dismay if he doesn’t show the same level of interest. Remember, he is not the last man in this world, and you have plenty of options! 🙂

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