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How to get Your Crush to Like You – 20 Tips for Getting Your Crush

There’s nothing like being in love or at least thinking you are in love. It’s easy to have crush on someone but what’s difficult is to get them to have crush on you. Most people are too shy to approach their interest, to chat with them and even to give any hint that they like them. And if you are one of them who wants to grab their crush’s attention and make them see no one but you, then you are at the right space. Here, I have enlisted 20 foolproof techniques on how to get your crush to like you.

How to get Your Crush to Like You

1. Be Noticeable- The best way to get your crush’s attentions is by making yourself the kind of person that people notices and wants to be around. Get up off your couch and start doing fun things with your life. This will give you something that you can be proud & talk about with others. Also, this will show your crush that you are full of life making him/ her aware of your presence.

2. Stay Positive- No one likes someone who is constantly complaining and saying bad things about other people. Instead of pointing at wrong things, bring out the best in every person around you. If you will stay positive, your crush will surely notice & feel good about your positive personality.

3. Be Yourself- Nobody likes someone who is deceptive. Don’t cringe or laugh at unnecessary things only to look good in front of your crush. Too many people around their crushes acts like a complete different person even when there is no need to. Just be yourself, be relaxed, calm, happy and your crush will love the real side of yours. The right way to get your crush like you is by being who you are.

4. Maintain Good Hygiene- Taking care of your body is really important. When you value yourself, it shows others that you are worth valuing and caring about. Always wear clean clothes with no stains, take good care of your hair, body and skin regularly. This is important because your crush won’t want to be around you if you don’t look or smell nice.

5. Be Confident- The best quality a men or women can have is confidence. Treat yourself well and do the things that defines who you are really as an individual. Don’t be shy when it comes to liking someone instead be confident about it. Because by not being confident, you will give him/her the reasons not to like you.

How to get Your Crush to Like You – 20 Tips for Getting Your Crush

6. Wear good clothes- Your personality is what makes you likeable in the very first place. If you really want to get your crush like you, let your personality come out via your look. Wear clothes that fits the current fashion trends and at the same time are flattering to your colour and body shape. But do not spend too much money on clothes and other stuffs. Simply you can go to thrift shops in trendy areas or nearby colleges to buy stylish clothes at cheap side.

7. Behave Normal- Don’t look desperate in front of your crush. If they don’t really seem like they want to talk to you, you better go talk to someone else. Behave normally. Throw parties and don’t invite them until the last moment. Show them that you have your own life & it doesn’t revolve around only one person or thing.

8. Be approachable but do not force a conversation- When you talk to a person with whom you want to have something more than a friend, try to keep conversation going. Be approachable for the conversation but when you run out of topics, find a good excuse for forgiveness. I know this is the last thing you would want to do, but this is one of the best ways which will lead him/her to look forward to your next meeting.

9. Let your crush see you with others- It will be a good way to grab your crush’s attention by letting them see you talking & hanging out with other person of the gender you prefer to date. They need to see that you have other options other than them. This will make you desirable for them.

10. Don’t be an open book- This will not bring good results if you act like an open book. Of course, the best way to get your crush’s attention is by talking to them. But while talking discover some curiosity about your life, try to tickle his/her imagination and make them little curious about you. Let some things remain mystery to make things interesting between you two.

How to get Your Crush to Like You – 20 Tips for Getting Your Crush

11. Don’t overthink- Overthinking about your move, words, text, approach will not help you at all in making your crush like you. Take deep breath and let the things to happen naturally. The other person can easily sense when you get nervous, tensed, or choked up. Therefore, the foolproof way to get your crush start crushing on you is by being relax & let the things to flow smoothly.

12. Flirt! Flirt! & Flirt! – Unleash your inner flirt master and get your crush to blush for good. Flirting is not only the great way to let them know that you are interested in them but it also gauges their interest. It will get the chemistry to flow naturally between you two and will allow the next steps to happen easily.

13. Get to know him/ her better- No one will fall head over heels in love for anyone they don’t know about. Therefore, firstly get to know about your crush beyond the basics (like their favorite color, actor, birthday) and know what really makes them tick. You can do this by communicating with them.

14. Look for common interest- Find things that you two have in common. This will not only give you something to talk about but it will also give you something to bond over. You can know about their interest just by paying attention or exploring the things they like. And who knows, maybe you also start liking their taste. And in no time, you’ll be friends to which it is easier to build the relationship.

15. Be a Good friend- Usually the qualities of a good friend are also the qualities of a good boyfriend or girlfriend. So it is advisable to start off by being a good friend so that your crush can easily see what they are actually looking forward to. As they say, “The person you date should be your bestfriend.” So it’s probably a good idea to start with good friends, Right?

How to get Your Crush to Like You – 20 Tips for Getting Your Crush

16. Create Trust- In order to develop romantic feelings, there need to be trust between you two. Never reveal their secrets with anyone. Be someone that they will come to with their problems without having to worry about of being judged or laughed. Stick around them in their hard time and your crush will definitely like you for this.

17. Don’t be obsessive- Love is an addiction but do not let this addiction to turn into an obsessive maniac. Do not send continuous messages, call them or appear in any bar in which they visit. Because if you will do this, you will surely scare them off yourself and your crush will not even think of liking you back at any cost.

18. Make Friends with their friends- This is surely a crucial part. If you really want your crush to like you, start being friends with their friends. Because when their friends talk about how awesome you are, they won’t be able to help themselves. They’ll start seeing you in a whole new way. However, do this with genuine interest, else you’ll find yourself pleasing his/ her friends only.

19. Always wear a smile- In the world full of aggression, stress and pressure, a bright disposition is an attractive asset. Whenever you are down and someone smile backs at you, you feel better with a gratitude feeling towards that person. So who knows? Smiling at your crush might create a magic and may develop the friendly feeling for you. That will be good start. Right?

20. Don’t get discouraged- If things don’t work out, don’t be discouraged. Just be yourself and let the things happen organically. The only trick you can use is to show your crush exactly how and who are you.

So now you got 20 tips on how to get your crush to like you. Just be confident and self-assured. Put your phone down and go speak to your crush, know about them and lead on to a happy life with them.

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