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Does He Like Me or Not? 15 Undeniable Signs

Sometimes, we are in a situation and wonder Does he like me?

This is especially true when you first meet someone or when out with a group of friends or coworkers. There are lots of signs a guy likes you more than a friend and we go through all the ways to figure that out!

How to know if a guy likes you?

Eye contact is very important, if he is interested he will be looking. If you look away and catch him looking again, make sure that you smile. He needs to be invited to take that walk over to you.

P.S. Women and men have a different idea of what it means to successfully make eye contact. Women look once, maybe smile and nothing happens. Turns out that is not enough for guys to be sure that you are inviting him to talk.

Make sure that you are obvious. Look, smile & linger before looking away

1. Body language signs of attraction

When you are in a situation where you are talking the person that is attracted to you will be making eye contact and engaging. If they are a bit shy, holding eye contact may be intimidating initially. They may look at your face more than directly in your eyes.

You will also need to watch for body language signs of attraction. When someone is attracted to you, they will lean in and be open with their arms. Their feet will pointed in your direction and they will mirror your body language.

When in your presence he will smile, probably a lot! If he is enjoying your company, he will show it with big smiles and an upbeat energy.

He may be nervous around you and that could be shown in different ways. Maybe he’s acting a little awkward or spending time joking around. Try to make him comfortable if you sense his nervousness.

How to tell if a guy doesn’t like you by their body language may also be helpful. If he is not interested, he won’t make eye contact and his arms will be closer to his body or crossed. His feet will be pointing away and his body will be leaning away more than leaning into you.

2. He becomes playful

Depending upon his personality, this can mean anything from telling jokes to a more general silliness. If its in good fun, then great! If it crosses any lines or makes you cringe, then you may have to be honest about how that makes you feel.

This is a good way to see if they have sense of humor and if you both enjoy that type of humor. This can be a flirty and fun way to interact.

3. He finds reasons to touch

Its those subtle touches on the arm or shoulder when you are talking, or maybe he finds a reason to slightly touch your hair. if he is finding little reasons to touch you, that is a sign of attraction. Never let someone make you feel uncomfortable, be honest if a line any crossed.

If he finds opportunities to be physical, then it is likely that he is very drawn to you.

4. He opens up when its the two of you

Some people are anxious around a lot of people and its hard for them to be themselves. This can happen in large groups or even smaller ones such as a friends party. Don’t be so quick to think that they are not interested, it may be shyness. He may be more comfortable when it is just the two of you.

Does he look for quiet places for both of you to talk further? If he opens up and talks about topics that are more personal, this shows he wants to get closer.

5. He offers to help

If a guy is offering his time, that is a sign that he likes you. Maybe you talked about having car problems and he offers a ride or he offers to help you with some type of chore.

He could offer to lend you something, such as a book or anything else that needs to be returned. Giving him an excuse to be able to see you again.

If someone does not like you they will not invest time or energy to make your life easier. He is showing that he cares, and that you are important to him. Guys like to be fix things and be needed. This shows that you can count on him and he will be there for you.

6. He pays attention

If he likes you, he will pay attention and show interest in you. You will feel important and special. When someone is not attracted to you he will NOT make you feel noticed or important.

If he is paying more attention to you than others around him, that is a sign that he likes you.

7. He remembers what you say

Maybe you told him a story about your family or about that time you took a road trip and he will remember the details. If he likes you, he will care about what you are saying. He will find you interesting to talk to and try to find things that you both have in common.

We are constantly distracted by our phones especially when we are bored. But when we are doing something important, we do not pick up our phones. It is really pretty telling if he does not want anything to distract him from your conversation.

8. He asks questions

If he is asking personal questions and wants to know all about you, he likes you. Maybe he asks you questions about being single or what you like to do on weekends. Well if that is the case then it’s self explanatory and he will probably be asking you out.

Does he ask for your number or to follow you on social media? Then he likes you and is finding more ways to connect.

9. You meet people important to him

If he wants to introduce you to his friends or family, that is a sign he likes you. Wanting to to have you involved in his life and included is very telling.

If he has already told his friends or family about you that means you are important to him.

10. He finds reasons to spend time with you

He shows up at places that you may go to or finds reasons to visit your work place. You get the idea. Its not random, he is making an effort to see you. Most guys are not very complicated, if they want someone, they will find a way!

11. He wants your opinion

Maybe he wants to know what you think and asks for your opinion. If he values what you have to say and finds your opinion important then this shows that he is investing more into you.

12. He cares how he looks when you are together

He pays attention to his outfit, hair and by wearing cologne. You can tell if someone basically just threw on the first thing that he found, or made an effort to look good. If he looks like he rolled out of bed he may not be into you!

13. He compliments you

This is when he notices different things about you. Again it is about being made to feel special. If the guy isj ust a flirt with everyone, then that’s not what we are talking about.

You will notice the difference between someone who is just being friendly and someone who is singling you out.

14. He tries to impress you

He may try to impress you. Maybe he talks about some great adventure that he had or about a recent success. He may want you to find him interesting and important.

This just may be his way of acting like a peacock and showing off a little to get your attention.

15. He shows a little jealousy

Just a little. Maybe he shows a little bit of protectiveness or makes comments about not wanting you to pay attention to any other guys.


These same recommendations are for women as well. Women don’t act a whole lot different when they are attracted to someone either.

So, “how do you know if a guy likes you? Trust your gut and listen to your intuition. Remember that actions speak louder than words. So if he says that he likes you, but does not show it with actions

Believe the actions!

But also make sure that if you are attracted to him that he knows it. Use the same advice for him so he knows that his advances are reciprocated!

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