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6 signs your guy is perfect

6 Signs Your Guy is Perfect

Every girl wants a perfect guy who is funny, attractive, nice, loving, caring, charming and interesting. They want a guy in their life, who is the real source of their happiness. Who love them unconditionally and they forget all the worries when the guy around them.

But how could you know which guy has the potential of the perfect guy. Here are some tips you can follow to acknowledge the best guy.

1. Excessive care:

A significance of the perfect guy is he cares her girlfriend more than anything in the world. He will make sure that she is fine and happy. He tries his best to soothe her if she is not feeling well. He usually does little cute gesture of care, like to ask to wear seat belt. Ask if you dinner or not? Ask, how are you feeling? He shows toward you. Check you after small time when you are sick. Get you the thing that you really want. He doesn’t have to publish posters that show the times he cared – his actions will be more than enough!

2. Able to make you smile:

A perfect man wants to see you have a beautiful smile on your face. He knows the exact time when you are upset or disappointed. He will do all the things to enlighten your mood with full of patience. He knows your weak points so make you laugh is not a difficult task for him. He knows how to make you smile. He knows your sense of humor very well and tell a joke to enlighten you. He makes you laugh, it must be enough for you.

3. Aspiring:

No one like the man who have no aim in his life. He is spending an aimless career life. The perfect man is serious about his career. Because he knows his career is the source, to fulfill all the promises he did with you. He might need occasional motivation, but he strives hard to reach more milestones. He always focuses on his career and try to work hard. But he won’t neglect you for the reason of his work. He is able to manage his all responsibilities.

4. Sincerity:

A perfect man is always honest and sincere. He is sincere and responsible toward this relation. He doesn’t make false promise those he is not able to fulfill. He kept no secret with you. He tells you all truth no matter how much it difficult. He is loyal to you. His action and behavior always show how much he is sincere and honest.

5. Presentable:

The perfect guy will always look nice and be presentable. He has ability to impress others by his impressive talk. He shows confident and best behavior toward pother. Girls don’t like the man who was dirty and un-ironed shirt, shoes with full of dust and with messy hair. A man who is able to introduce you with your friend without any fear, are the actually perfect guy.

6. Trusting yet protective:

A perfect guy is the mixture of trusts and protective attitude. Him know that you are sincere with him. He will never doubt on your intention. He will never have a problem if you are contacted with other male. He will never let you walk into trouble.


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