23 September, 2020
Cute Things Your Boyfriend Does

6 Cute Things Your Boyfriend Does for You Which You Totally Ignore

Here are some of the cute thing that he does for you but you probably ignore.

  1. He knows how to handle you after you go through bad time in your life.
  2. Whenever you tell him a story he remembers every little detail about it.
  3. So he is watching his football game but you want to want next episode of your fav season and he lets you watch your episode despite of the fact that he was extremely indulged in the match. But you always ignore it.
  4. Whenever you are running late for office and you don’t have time for breakfast he’d go in the kitchen and quickly make breakfast for you he’d even make lunch for you that you can enjoy at your office.
  5. One of the cutest thing that he does for you is that he is not going to sleep before you. He will always wait for you to fall asleep then he’d go to sleep.
  6. He wears the cologne that you absolutely love. Even when he runs out of it he will buy it again just because he knows that you love it but u’ll totally ignore that.


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