23 September, 2020
5 Reasons Why One Sided Love Will Destroy You

5 Reasons Why One Sided Love Will Destroy You

  1. You will not get what you deserve and expect and that will hurt you and break you from inside.
  2. After all the lovey dovey feelings, negative feeling will start to build up step by step and this will cause extreme mental imbalance and will shatter you into bits.
  3. You think about him all the damn time but you fail to realize that they have a separate world and you are not even part of it.
  4. You love them so much that you can’t see anyone other than them and you start to keep it contact with your friends and family that care about you more than another person.
  5. When you are not getting what you want you start getting depress and anxious. You lose the tendency to smile and even to think the positive thing. Beware! Change yourself.


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