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Reasons Why Men Leave You

5 Reasons Why Men Leave You

Men can be unpredictable a lot of times here are 5 Reasons Why Men Leave You:

  1. One of the most common reasons why men leave is the loss of attraction you might still appeal to him, but he is not that much attracted to you as he used to be.
  2. You have stopped taking care of yourself. Now you don’t care about getting ready for him before he returns home from the office
  3. You’re too dependent. Dependent and clingy women can be a major factor why men leave because at times when he wants you to be independent you are not and you just rely on him way too much.
  4. You don’t trust him and he does not trust you either. Mutual trust is the backbone of any relationship if a couple loses mutual trust OH boy! That is a recipe for disaster.
  5. You both are missing the spark that you both used to have. This included everything love, affection, trust, attraction, literally everything. You have lost it and that is when men decide to leave.

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