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Reasons Why Men are Attracted to Shy Girls

5 Reasons Why Men are Attracted to Shy Girls

Men don’t really like bold and outspoken girls a lot of them prefer shy girls because of many reasons some of them are listed down below:

  1. Shy girls are far more delicate than bold and outspoken girls. Shy girls know how to handle themselves in public place and unlike bold girls they don’t shout at the top of their voices.
  2. Shy girls are very trustworthy their secret and calm nature makes them loyal, trustworthy and loveable.
  3. Men love a relationship that is male dominated and with shy girl as a partner relationship is always male dominated. Shy girls always listen to their partner, follows him and seldom argues and that is exactly what men die for.
  4. Men love mysteries and shy girls are extremely mysterious because they speak less and seem more mysterious that attracts the men.
  5. Shy girls have a very slow and steady nature; they are very reserved in every aspect including relationships. This makes men develop strong physical and mental attachments.


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