23 September, 2020

20 Surprisingly Usual Things Guys Think Are Smoking Hot About You

Understanding Men

What do men think is attractive in a woman?

If you believe you know the answer to this, you’re in for a surprise.

Men find us, ladies, attractive in many ways (not only the one that’s spinning in your head right now).

We asked: What do you, guys, find is hot and seductive about your girls?

They answered!

These are the results:

1: A healthy way of life every day

I know! Who would think that your healthy diet could be so attractive?

However, guys like to see that the woman can take care of her health. That would automatically mean that being with her makes his life healthier as well. A woman that knows what’s good for his body is something rear nowadays. With all the fast/junk food/ready meals options out there, healthy and delicious dinner is fresh, impressive and attractive.

On top of that, on a subconscious level healthy woman increases the chances for healthier and happier children – which is always important, right?

2: To actually eat

I am not messing around with you!

To go out to a restaurant with a girl that needs half an hour to pick the meal she wants to eat just because everything has too much fat or will make her waist wider with 0.06sm, is annoying. Having healthy eating habits has nothing to do with counting calories. So being with a girl that could sit at dinner time and eat with obvious pleasure, enjoying the meal and the company, is precious and appealing.

Hey, that is what men say, so… when is dinner time?

3: To be gentle

Leaving the world of food and coming to something really pleasurable and enjoyable – to be gentle. Not only to him but with everything around you – while you are playing with the children, folding clothes or talking to your best friend. Guys notice the pace, the gentle touch, look, tone, the care in your eyes, even when you don’t see it. That is what makes us attractive, desirable and smoking hot. It makes us women.

4: Nice skin is essential

Ok, you know that!

Moreover, because you know it you have got the five different creams in your makeup bag and the three rubbing gels in the bathroom. Plus.. everything else around it. But just because the guys said it, we had to repeat it! Soft skin makes men wonder how on earth is possible to exist something so amazing in touch; it brings the vision of touching you in the bed, it makes their hands flying towards you every single time you pass them… It’s just unbelievable how much they like it.

6: “No Makeup” Policy

First – it will save you money and second: you will look beautiful for your guy.

Majority of men prefer their girl to look as natural as possible. It is not attractive to touch her face and after that their hands to sparkle because of the glitter in the powder.

No one says “No!” to the makeup but as natural as possible as often as possible is the best match.

Your man loves you because of many things, but it’s rear to find a guy that’s in love because his girlfriend looks good with makeup. Loving yourself the way you are, it’s not going with no mascara all year round, but it doesn’t mean 15 layers of eyeshadows either.

7: To be enthusiastic

No one is talking about becoming a jumping doll.

But looking and feeling enthusiastic and energised about things in life is attractive and many men consider it seductive as well.

The power of spreading positive energy comes with the enthusiasm you show for everything. Passion, commitment and positivity – the main strings of enthusiasm, drag your man’s eyes toward you. So, show some energy, girls! Your loved ones see it and love it. (we asked …)!

8: Haircare

There are not many men that don’t pay attention to a woman’s hair. And they certainly don’t notice split ends or different colour as much as we think them.

But the softness of a healthy and well-maintained hair is considered as inviting and attractive part of women. Men like to go through their girl’s hair, they like its fresh smell, and they love to be tickled by it in the bed. So don’t be traumatised he did not notice you’ve changed the colour – he still notices how amazing your hair is.

9: A smile brings another smile

The smile and laugh are expressions of happiness and joy. One of the top alluring things for men is to see a happy woman. No makeup or hairstylist could bring the great vibes a laughing happy girl could. It’s just mesmerising how men cannot take their eyes off a happy woman. It makes them smile and feel good as well.

Being able to have fun is important to men. It means self-love and acceptance. Moreover, nobody likes grumpy or worried faces, no matter what. So, just be happy! It makes him happy too.

10: Smart is Not a Shameful Disease

Yes, there are men in this world who feel like smart women bring only headaches or are afraid of being fooled by them.

But actually, the majority of men prefer smart.

The pink dolls you’re so worried about and want to look like them, are nothing more but a trophy men show around and then put back on the shelf. A serious relationship that will fulfil their desire is something that comes only with a smart girl. At some point, we all get to a point when we need a good talk, advice, support or just someone to stay quiet with. And I do not know if you’re aware of that but even to know when to stay in silence and when to talk requires a brain. Be happy you have it!

11: Your Lips Are His Dream

“Her lips are like living fire” W. Somerset Maugham said.

The lips are the most alluring organ that a woman could expose. The men love the softness, the taste, the bite of the girls’ lips. They love everything about them for many reasons. The women’s lips kiss them, tells them words of love, they are the frame of every smile and brings promises for intimate pleasure as well. Dear girls, look after your lips and use them wisely as believe it or not – they are one of your sweet advantages in this world.

12: To Initiate … You Know What

Yes, we got to that part finally! No way to skip it.

Men love when their other half initiate the love-making. It turns them on, it makes them feel desired. And everybody loves that! There are many ways to initiate intimacy even if you’re a bit shy for one or another reason. I’ve got a great guide on how to prepare the perfect romantic weekend away to give you some ideas.

13: When they ask for help

Surprising, isn’t it?

Somehow we’re not supposed to ask for help because it makes us look weak.

But on the other hand, they want us to ask them for it? Make up your mind, gentlemen! Let’s make it as simple as possible – when you can do something alone just do it. But if you need help with something – ask! It is not going to make you weak but it will make him feel useful, respected and a bit more… hm, stronger! They are the strong half of the relationship and it’s called partnership as well. And this means to help each other in any step – from taking down the curtains to sharing fears and worries. It doesn’t sound like that but it’s very attractive.

I don’t refer only to the get-in-the-bed part, although it’s important to keep the intimacy on a high level by surprising him once in a while. But not every gesture should lead you to the bedroom adventures.

Men say they feel attracted to their loved ones when they surprise them with anything. It could be his favourite meal, a planned night out, new socks or a hat, help with some tasks or even simple motivation to keep going. Anything that takes you out of your way and shows them you think about them. It’s attractive!

14: Surprise him tonight… and tomorrow

I don’t refer only to the get-in-the-bed part, although it’s important to keep the intimacy on a high level by surprising him once in a while. But not every gesture should lead you to the bedroom adventures.

Men say they feel attracted to their loved ones when they surprise them with anything. It could be his favourite meal, a planned night out, new socks or a hat, help with some tasks or even simple motivation to keep going. Anything that takes you out of your way and shows them you think about them. It’s attractive!

15: Who’s the boss?

No, I played with the words again.

I won’t ask you to go and tell him he’s your boss. Probably the opposite… Let me explain before I lose your attention. Many men believe that when the girl’s acting a little bit bossy is very charming. It’s connected to the confidence, plus adding some fantasies, and there’s the answer to why it’s on this list. But don’t mix the sweet, little bossy attitude with the arrogant, selfish and too-much-ego bossiness. And not all the time because it’ll look creepy.

16: Stretching yourself

When you wake up in the morning, and those first stretches in the bed wake up your mind and body it feels good, isn’t it? Well, it feels good to your men as well! Men think it’s so inviting when a girl stretches herself. Hands in the air or touching the neck, the back… some skin here and there – unintentional of course. That drives them crazy and wakes up not only their mind…! (the answer is your homework).

17: Small touches

You cook, and he passes behind you touching your waste or whatever he’s used to touching on you… and you feel loved. You like the attention and the feeling of closeness. Well, it works the other way around too. Men think it’s enticing when their girl touches them, accidentally or not. It could be the shoulder, the back, the hand or anywhere else – it brings your touch straight to his head. They feel your love; they know you think about them.

18: Girl on a mission

You know what you want in life, and you walk towards it every day. Not everyone does that.

So it’s different, it’s something unique, and that’s why it’s alluring. As well as confidence and bossiness, having a clear vision of what you want in life is so attractive to men, they cannot resist it. It’s rear to find someone who knows what they want in life. So once you see it out there – it’s hard to step away and not embrace it.

19: Passion or hobby

Going into the moment and forgetting about time and people… yes, it’s a passion. It doesn’t matter if it’s knitting, dancing, paper craft or collecting leaves – the hobby is your unique passion. It makes your eyes glowing and looks like magic that only you understand. Now, you see why the men put it on the list of the hottest things, right?

20: To be confident

You might roll your eyes about that one, but confidence is like a magnet for men. A confident woman looks different – she walks with a straight back, she moves with certainty, she looks at the others’ eyes with the knowledge she is beautiful, smart and deserves everything bright in this world. And that, my ladies, is irresistible! So, have a good look in the mirror and finally allow yourself to realise how incredible, kind, beautiful woman you are. And you deserve to be proud of it.

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