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15 Signs He Loves You Deeply – Action that Means “I Love You”

Starting a relationship is easy but knowing your partner’s feelings are difficult. Mostly, guys have tough time in expressing their romantic feelings to their partner. Because of which it gets confusing for the girls to know whether he even loves her or doesn’t. But the thing is that men have their own way of expressing their feelings. There are some signs he loves you deeply, even if he doesn’t say it. He will do lots of things when he actually starts to see you as the permanent part of his life. You can see his love in a manner that no words can describe. And if you will dig a bit deeper into his behavior, you will find a lot of signs.

So while dating the men you love, even when you do not know if he really wants you for something serious, Don’t Worry. This happens to all the women in the world. The actual truth is that men tends to be more reserved and delay some time to show their feelings to you. However, most of the times they give some signs that they are actually in love with you. Here in this article, I’ll be sharing 15 points that will evaluate the signs he loves you deeply.


But before proceeding to the obvious signs that he loves you, you should know that Love is a tricky thing. It is hard to find that someone who is truly, madly and deeply in love with you. During the course of your love life, you may come across one or more of the scenarios where,

  1. You stumble upon someone who swears on his life that he loves like he has never loved anyone else but in reality he doesn’t give a damn about you.
  2. You meet someone who says he loves you but his actions don’t reflect so. They are the type of guys who tends to love themselves more than you due to their casual thinking for love.
  3. The one who neither say those words nor treats you with respect that you deserve. Those people should be thrown out of your life immediately.
  4. A relationship where he says that he loves you without actually knowing you. Remember, no one can love you without knowing the real you. If someone says so, that is just a myth. These are only the techniques that are used by some men to sway you on their bed.
  5. And then the one who admits their love and treats you with love. These guys cannot be doubted as they are actually worth your love.

So, how would you know if the men you are seeing is actually in love with you? Well, you can easily know this, if he possesses the signs mentioned below.

Signs He Loves You Deeply and Madly

1.Admirable and Appreciative- The men who truly loves you is very much compassionate about your feelings, needs and ambitions. He prioritize each of them as his personal desires and needs. He will look for your comfort & will try his best to ease down your life, even if it meant going out of his way to do so. Also, he makes continuous efforts to show love to those who are close to you.

2. Wants to Spend time together- If your partner loves you, he would always want to be with you whenever he gets the time. He would wait for hours just to look at your face even it is for few minutes only. He would literally crave for your company and would want to hear your voice or feel your touch.


3. Enthusiastic About You- When something wonderful happens, your men would be absolutely happy & enthusiastic for you. He will always stand by your side in your good or bad times. He will try to improve as a person and will go out of his way just to surprise you. Your success and progress will equally matter to him as much as it matters to you. He will motivate you by putting challenges only to improve your performance.

4. Wishes only the best for You- The men who loves you will push you to pursue the things that you love, even if he is absent in them. He will encourage you for all those things that you love and are passionate about, wanting you to derive happiness from them. Knowing that you are happy would automatically make him happy too.

5. Honest and Sincere in the relationship- A guy who is serious for you will try to get everything out on the table only to not mess up things with you. He will not be hesitant for his past girlfriends or experiences. He would stand by his words and will be upfront about it. When facing problems in relationship, he will sincerely work on it rather than dodging and running from it.


6. Try to Get along with your close people- This is indeed the most critical sign. So, you need to carefully pay attention how he treats your friends and family. There may be some of your family members or buddies that he doesn’t like but if he loves you, he’ll act respectfully in front of them and will keep his opinion to him as he would not want to offend you. Creating a good relationship with your closed ones shows that he loves you without actually saying it.

7. Makes you feel safe with him- When a guy is in love with you, he will do everything that he could to help you out & won’t allow you to be hurt, harassed or abused by anyone. He would make you feel safe and would even do anything to save you from any danger. Your happiness really matters to him over other’s happiness.

8. Introduce you to his Family and Friends- Most of the people tend to keep their relationship private if it’s not a serious one. This is because no one wants to answer about something that might end in near future. So, if your partner invites you to meet his family and friends then surely you matter to him. A serious men will talk about you with his best friends and takes you to meet his family if he is really into you.


9. He Loves you no matter how you look- At the early stage of relationship, we try to look our best in every way possible. But when relationship starts getting serious and comfort level becomes higher, then we might drop off from the priority list the need to impress our partner. And if your partner doesn’t mind looking you in pyjamas, without make-up or with messy bun or hair, then it means that he seriously loves you and not how you look.

10. Hugs you all the time- If your man is really in love with you then he will never miss a chance to hug you. In fact, he will be the one who will initiate hugs and won’t stop there either. He’ll have the need to touch you, kiss you, and simply take care of you. If he loves you, he just won’t be able to have enough of you.


11. Takes Care of you- Another sign that your men is madly and deeply in love with you is that he takes care of you. He will be around you no matter what. If you get sick, he’ll be there with you to make a warm cup of tea and to tuck you in bed when you have fever. He’ll put everything aside just to help you out. So, if your man does all this then you’ve got a man who is truly in love with you.

12. Wants to Know you truly- He doesn’t pretend to listen instead he actually listens to you. He pays attention to every detail that you tell him. Also, he listens to your childhood stories with full excitement because he knows he will get to know a lot about you. He never misses a chance getting to know you and remembers your life’s big moments.

13. He smiles after kissing you- If your partner is really in love with you then he will always have a beautiful smile on his face after kissing you. This shows his love and how happy he is to be with you. There’s even a chance that he might just go ahead and say those three magical words “I Love You” after kissing you.



14. Remembers Important Dates- Consider yourself lucky if he remembers dates such as your birthday, anniversary or any important day. So, a men remembering the date that is important to you is a great sign that he loves you deeply without even saying it loud to you.

15. Use the word “WE”- If he loves you, he surely sees you in his future with him. And that’s why he use the word “WE” more instead of “I”. So, if you hear this word while he is talking to you or to someone else about you then you don’t have to worry about anything. He definitely loves you.

So, these are the signs that shows the love of your partner for you without even saying it. If you were constantly smiling when you read the 15 signs he loves you deeply, then it’s probably because your partner is serious for you. Make sure you look for these signs or more in your partner so that you don’t lose a special man.

Note: A man’s “I Love You” should not be recognized if his actions & conduct don’t back it up simultaneously. Remember action speaks louder than words and all his “I LOVE YOU” will literally sound empty if his actions don’t reflect it. When someone loves you, their actions are enough to prove their love.

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