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Is Your Second Toe Taller Than Other Toes? What It Says About Your Personality

Since time immemorial the art of foot readings being practiced extensively in many parts of the world that include both India and China. People believe that a persons foot acts as reflectors to the body and even the personality. Any problem in feet clearly depicts the problem is actually elsewhere. For instance, when you find a fallen arch, then it is said that it actually is an indication that the person is surely facing any sort of back problem. What is more, it is even believed that the mind and the body are inextricably connected. It is even said that all sorts of physical disorders can be a result of the personality of a person.

Let us have a look at what our celebrity foot reader has to say about your personality after properly studying yourfeet.

1 Jane Sheehan- The celebrity foot reader um reflexologist.


According to Jane Sheehan, the foot of a person can say a lot of things. It is the foot that can depict the various aspects of the human body ranging from your problems of relationships to even your digestive system issues. She can properly decipher these in a jiffy by merely having a glance at your foot. She can even tell the nature of the person by just looking at the foot of the person. She can tell whether the person is adventurous or someone who loves harmony.

2 The Big toe:

Well, those who have their toes bigger as compared to the other fingers are usually smart and even intelligent. But if your toe is comparatively smaller then you are basically a multi-tasking person with an influential behavior, and you tend to influence others.

3 The second toe:

If your second toe happens to be longer as compared to the first big toe then you are a bossy personality and you seem to possess good leadership qualities. But those who have a shorter second toe tend to prefer harmony and peace in their lives.

4 Third toe:

The third toe is the middle toe and it is relatively longer then you are an innovative person. These people can get success by using their own energy and will power. But the major drawback is that such people tend to forget their family life and all sorts of enjoyment, but a short middle toe means such people are fun loving and like a merriment.

5 Fourth toe:

Those people who have this toe elongated means they spend a huge lot of time with their families and friends. But if the toe is curved then it shows that the person is in an unhappy relationship. These persons are very good listeners. But if the toe is shorter than it depicts that these persons are under stress but it is not related to any family members.

6 Small toe:


Those who have a very mall little toe tend to be childish in their behavior and actions. They keep all their responsibilities at an arms length. Such people like fun and enjoyment and are even witty. Those people who can easily separate their toe from the fourth one are both impulsive and adventure loving at the same time.

7 The graduation of the toes:

Suppose you find that there is an increase in the size of each of succeeding toes creates a proper line, then you can be sure that it actually depicts that you are a very practical as well as a well-organized person. Other than this, you can prove to be the best employee and an adorable friend too.

8 Wide feet:


People who possess wide feet are always ready to move for anything. They always tend to keep themselves busy with their work and find their content and happiness in the work they accomplish. Moreover, they extract some time out from their work for calm in their own life.

9 Long and narrow feet:

These people do not love to be bothered at all with hard work. If someone instead finishes their assigned work they get relieved. What is more, they often require beauty all around them and possess a good ornamental sense.

10 Arches:


Those people who have high arches are usually self-dependent ones. They can sometimes be even accused of being sort of anti-social. On the other hand, such people who have low arches in their foot are extremely sociable and like to enjoy the company of other people.

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