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20 Things You Should Never Google

This will happens with everyone out there. You are searching for XYZ, but you get the result ABC. There will be any reason of getting wrong and awkward search results, like miss-type, clicked on other search options etc. Before you realize your mistake, you will landon something strange page, something …

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15 Cruelest Punishments For Rapists All Over The World

Rape is considered to be the most offensive crime all over the world. Rape victims are many times looked down upon by the orthodox society and they have to go through immense mental torture without any fault. The horrible impact of mental and physical assault ruins the victims life. Governments …

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9 Dirtiest Body Parts You Have No Idea About!

Human beings are probably the greatest creation of God a perfectly efficient machine that is capable of such wonders. The human body is incredibly complex, and we still dont know exactly how each and every part works. The design of the human body is amazing the cells are the building …

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