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6 Signs You Need To Break Up

When it comes to relationships, I forgive far too easily, and my mood and happiness are easily influenced by those around me. All of these traits are okay in a good relationship. But in a bad one, it’s so easy to lose yourself. I asked my fiancé Matt for his …

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6 Online Dating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Nowadays, online dating is a best way for people to find love; however, it’s not as simple and straightforward as we would like it to be. Many people invest months attempting to find the person of their dreams on the internet and get nowhere. Personally, I’ve been there, not just …

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10 Things Men Do That Mean They Don’t Love You

Have you ever encountered men with very strange models of behavior? It’s like they were designed in a secret male laboratory to confuse girls. This is not going to continue for much longer because Glamourisim has found out the truth and is going to share it with you. 1. He’s …

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15 Everyday Things That Have a Hidden Purpose

The things that we use every day become such a huge part of our routines that we seldom notice their simplest features. However, look carefully and you may notice that your favorite items have been designed to do much more than you thought. For example, the little brushes by the …

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